By Peter Bell

LightBase Core Concepts: Elements of a Page

Given that I’ll be launching code for LightBase over the next few weeks, I thought it was time to start to write the documentation (if nothing else then to remind myself how it is supposed to work :->). This post looks at how LightBase breaks down a page and the benefits of the granular approach that it takes . . .


Is it Worth Being Able to CF Flush?

Ben Nadel posted an interesting piece the other day about his requirements for a page rendering system. One of the things he was looking for was an approach that allowed you to defer as much processing as possible to allow for at least partial page rendering as quickly as possible to give the perception of shorter load times on the basis that users consistently report lower perceived load times for pages that start to render quickly even if the total page load is the same or even slightly longer.

There are two issues that need to be addressed when looking to implement such a solution. CF locations and dependent content areas . . .


Architecting Your Views Part 3: A Proposed Solution

The law of conservation of complexity states that every application has an irreducible amount of complexity and that the only question is who will have to deal with it. What this means in practice is that (assuming equal architectural elegance), if you want to make developing of web applications simpler, you have to make the framework more complex.

And so in the spirit of Einstein’s famous quote, here is my currently proposed solution to my view design requirements . . .


Architecting Your Views Part 2: Examining the Alternatives

In my last post, I looked at all the requirements for an ideal architecture for rendering views for my use cases. In this post I examine some of the alternative approaches . . .


Architecting your Views: Describing the Requirements

One of the least discussed parts of OO development in ColdFusion is the most elegant way to render your views. Some people like Steve Bryant suggest using CFCs for the UI while most others still use custom tags. This posting looks at the requirements I set for implementing my views. The next posting will outline new combined approach that is working really well for a content management system I’m developing . . .


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