By Peter Bell

CF United Practical Code Generation Presentation

Here is the deck from my Practical Code Generation presentation yesterday.

I rewrote the presentation recently to start off with basic "why generate" and to include the CF Template project to show how easy it is to generate ColdFusion code using CF. I then cover active vs passive code generation, ways to implement active code gen, and then get into metadata and indirectly into all of the abstract grammar vs. concrete syntax as a solution to the "how do we represent data for our generator" question.

This summer I'll be re-releasing CF Gen - a general purpose framework for generating code using any type of metadata. Look out for some very cool tutorials and presentations next year that take you from "why generate" to advanced DSL issues using a specific sample and tooling to make it easy for people to get started with.

Fantastic presentation Peter! The Explicit Metadata stuff is particularly interesting to me. Thanks for posting the slides.
# Posted By Jason Quatrino | 6/23/08 9:26 AM

Glad you liked it!
# Posted By Peter Bell | 6/23/08 10:15 AM
Hi Peter - just a wee note. On the last slide the RIA forge link points to - which appears to be something completely different...
# Posted By richard | 6/30/08 4:56 AM
Oops - guess I lost the domain name a while back. Thanks for the info. FYI, now
# Posted By Peter Bell | 6/30/08 11:44 AM
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