By Peter Bell

On Unit Testing and TDD

Just read a couple of interesting posts. One provides a set of anti=patterns for TDD and the other looks at how best to Unit Test the db layer.

Anyone else have thoughts on DAO unit testing or TDD anti-patterns?

I agree that to test the db layer you have to actually interract with the database.
The problem then is that you've added/update/deleted data.
This is less a problem on your development environment, but it would be nice to have a test on production to give users the confidence that "everything's working" (after a power failure for instance). I posted an old listserv message about this on the "Best Served Cold blog" at

In my interpretation of Star Trek parlance, a level 3 diagnostic would be to test all your SELECT stmts.
A level 2 diagnostic would be to test all your CRUD methods.
A level 1 diagnostic would be to automatically correct any errors.
"How could you do that?" You might ask.
I can think of one example right off the bat: Views.
Views tend to break when the underlying table structure changes. To correct the view, you simply have to recreate it. It could be as simple a view as
SELECT * FROM tblname.
But if tblname changes, the view will no longer be valid.
A level 1 diagnostic would report the error and fix it.
# Posted By Phillip Senn | 6/8/07 9:21 AM
I'm in the process of creating new major application and I'm trying to make it possible to unit test database / DAO layer.

My plan is:

- primary keys are UUIDs; Test data can be added and removed even from production database (there is also requirement to export/import data and this helps with that as well)
- for each database table created I have drop scripts so during development I can always start from clean database when testing. Scripts are executed with Ant.
- I have several XML files that populate database with DbUnit/Ant. Some of them are just for development/testing, some contain static classifications for actual database.

I hope this solves some of the issues I've had before testing application where certain state of database is required but was difficult to do.
# Posted By Tero Pikala | 6/8/07 12:07 PM
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