By Peter Bell

One year of

Well, yesterday was the one year anniversary of my blog. According to SmarterStats I have had over 800,000 page views, BlogCFC reports just over half a million page views. 652 postings and 2,572 comments. Not bad for a first year. Will be interesting to see what hapens in the next twelve months.

Thanks for reading :->

Nicely done Peter, nicely done! Looking forward to another year of excellent CF exploration.
# Posted By Ben Nadel | 6/25/07 12:40 PM
Congrats Peter. Here's to the new year!
# Posted By Sammy Larbi | 6/25/07 2:57 PM
Congrats Peter. The quality of your blog really is top notch.
# Posted By Joshua Cyr | 6/25/07 3:45 PM
Presenting in honour of 1 year of Bell:

Application Generation, the song
Download at

(*not directly affiliated with peter bell or systems forge)
# Posted By doug sims | 6/25/07 4:11 PM
Congrats Peter, and thanks for providing me/us with great reading material and forcing us to exercise our brains a little more. I look forward to more.
# Posted By Thomas Messier | 6/25/07 4:42 PM
cheers Peter...a blog post is always an education, even if it takes me 10 reads to get the flava' :) .... has sent me in intersting new directions ( hello linguistics, erlang, etc ) .... looking forwad to the next 12 months.
# Posted By stigg | 6/25/07 6:30 PM
Thanks everyone!
# Posted By Peter Bell | 6/25/07 11:27 PM
Your blog rulz, hope its up for years to come.
# Posted By John Allen | 6/26/07 3:22 PM
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