By Peter Bell

OOP – Mutant offspring of Language Design?

I’ve never really though through the implications of DSLs before, but it makes an interesting benchmark for comparing functional, Object Oriented and other approaches to application design . . .

When you start to define programming as the job of developing and implementing elegant languages for expressing domain intent, you see both the strengths and weaknesses of OOA&D. Objects as nouns with methods as verbs is one quite useful approach to language design, but there are clearly languages that are not most elegantly expressed using that kind of grammar. From simple utilities (which should really be language extensions) for creating structures or operating on collections to imperative flow driven requirements (like workflows), OOP provides the best single structure for simplifying language design to date, but the future of programming must support a wider range of concrete syntaxes for expressing language design.

Really just a random musing, but I have a feeling that some interesting concepts may come out of pondering this further. Is that making sense to ANYONE out there?! :->

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You really are waxing philosophical lately.
# Posted By Brian Rinaldi | 1/18/07 12:58 PM
Yeah, I know, but I think there is some cool stuff beneath it. Fundamental issue is that application generation and DSLs and all this stuff needs to have a much lower learning curve and must be much more agile to be feasible (as you said recently - what I'm doing is a LOT of work).

It just gets very interesting when you come from a LOP (Language Oriented Programming) approach. Suddenly we're just all in the busienss of designing languages and writing parsers/generators/methods to implement them. Then you can start to develop heuristics for representations to use for different classes of languages and create tools that are a little more usable than what Metacase or Microsoft offers, more flexible than what OMGs MDA provides and a little more AVAILABLE than Simonyi's stuff.

Just have a feeling this could be cool if I could just pull it all together . . .

Or maybe I just can't be bothered to finish up a project and I'm procrastinating . . . who knows :->
# Posted By Peter Bell | 1/18/07 1:10 PM
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