By Peter Bell

Setting the Record Straight!

I was chatting to Dave Ross and Chris Scott on the last day of CF United 2006. I’d like to clarify that ColdSpring (which is amazing – I’ll be going through why it is amazing over the next few days) is capable of working with any kind of object – not just service objects.

As experienced java developers with a deep knowledge of Spring, they tend to use a service layer in combination with fairly dumb business objects for implementing their model, so most of their demos are representative of that approach. However, ColdSpring can be used to work its magic on any kind of object and doesn’t impose an architectural approach on developers – it just makes a set of tools available for them to use as they will.

Thanks Dave/Chris. I get a little bit smarter every time we speak!

As an aside, I'll be going through this a little slower, later on, but for a really good explanation of the forces that drive ColdSpring (the core problems that it solves) check out Dave's post on the topic.

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